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Welcome to Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A. Let me explain the white Attorney in Christ symbol. As an attorney, I am first a follower of Jesus Christ. Therefore, I strive to glorify Him in all that I do, including my law practice. At times in my life, I fall short, but I press on. I limit the cases I am willing to accept. Please do not think that your case has no merit if I decline it. I seek to represent each client zealously in all that I do. Therefore, I am very selective about the number and types of cases I take. Each person I represent deserves +Personal Legal Care+. 321.779.1211.

Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A.

I also strive to provide +Personal Legal Care+. I give individual attention to each person I represent. You will always be a person God loves. God never discriminates on the basis of age, gender, religion, or any other legal category and so I do not discriminate in my law practice. You will notice that some words in this website appear in a different color. If you click those different-color words, you will go to different webpage, and in some cases, a different website. This law firm has different websites devoted to different areas of its law practice. Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A. Attorney provides legal service to all of Florida, including Indialantic, Melbourne, Melbourne Beach, Palm Bay, Cocoa Beach, Patrick Air Force Base, Rockledge, Viera, Titusville, Port St. John, Suntree, Palm Shores, South Patrick Shores, Indian Harbour Beach, Satellite Beach, Merritt Island, Cape Canaveral, Malaber, Micco, Grant-Valkaria. We do not have to meet in my office in some cases. We may be able to handle everything through online and electronic means. Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A. Attorney │ +Personal Legal Care+ │ Compare Fees│ Brevard County


Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A. Attorney │ +Personal Legal Care+ │ Brevard County

+ Personal Legal Care +

This website functions as a gateway website to this firm's other websites. I have been practicing law in Florida for more than twenty-five years. During that time, I have gained experience in different areas of law. Each area of the law has its own special features, practices, and procedures. Therefore, I have created different websites to emphasize those different areas of the law. Those other websites provide more information for different areas of practice for this law firm. I enjoy helping people with their legal concerns. In all cases, I urge you to compare legal fees and experience among different attorneys. Try to find an attorney you feel comfortable working with. Every case deserves my full attention. I strive to provide +Personal Legal Care+ for every person I represent. I consider the people I represent more than clients. Nothing on this website should be mistaken for legal advice. I am not giving legal advice and so do not rely upon anything in this article as legal advice. I am only providing a basic overview of the law and my practice; I did not include many important things and practices. Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A. Attorney │ +Personal Legal Care+ │ Brevard County │Compare Fees │ 321.779.1211